Recessed Lights: Recess Can Lighting Installation

Need ample lighting, without infringing into the space? Why not install recessed lighting? Recess can lights for remodels or new construction provide a convenient source of plentiful light, while taking up minimal space and keeping a low visual profile. LED recess can lights are particularly energy efficient and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective option for indoor lighting.

Why Install Recessed Can Lighting?

Recessed can lights have several advantages over other lighting options. Their compact structure and low-profile aesthetics give them a great deal of design versatility. Some of their key benefits include:

  • Recessed can lights take up very little space, and yet, the type of lighting they provide can create the illusion of more space in a room. Their soft, subtle glow blurs boundaries of a room, and can give a sense of a higher ceiling.
  • Design versatility. Recessed lighting is built into the ceiling, keeping its profile subtle. This allows you to blend recessed can lights into almost any decor style. Although recessed lighting works especially well with contemporary and midcentury modern design, its low visual profile means it can be integrated into other styles as well. Recessed lighting is available in a variety of trims and finishes, with bulbs and LED lights available in a range of color tones.
  • Accent lighting. Recessed lighting is also a great way to add accents over particular features in a room. They cast a soft, naturalistic light over an object, drawing the eye naturally toward it.
  • Lightweight build. Recessed can lights are surprisingly lightweight, and don’t always have to be fully secured to the ceiling or wall. In many cases, they can simply “float” in the recessed spaces, supported only by the housing canister, baffle, and trim.
  • Recessed lighting can be quite efficient, especially when it features LED bulbs. They can provide a large amount of light in a room, while taking up minimal space and operating with better energy efficiency than other types of built-in lighting.

LED Recess Can Lights:  Ultra-Efficient Recessed Lighting

LED recess can lighting is an ultra-efficient option for recessed lights. LEDs are known for their ability to save energy while providing a superior lifespan to incandescent or fluorescent lights. LED lighting can last for up to 100,000 hours — that’s over eleven years. In most cases, when an LED light gives out, the problem is the electrical wiring, not a flaw with the bulb itself. For comparison, a standard incandescent light bulb lasts for around 10,000 hours.

With LED recess can lights, you’ll pay more for each individual bulb, but over time, you’ll still save money by replacing the bulbs less often. Once installed into your recessed wall or ceiling lights, LED bulbs can theoretically keep going for over a decade.

They’re also less of a fire hazard in sensitive locations. LED bulbs burn at a lower temperature than incandescent bulbs, reducing the fire hazard of installing recessed lighting into a wall or ceiling. It can also allow you to use installation kits that may not be safe for non-LED bulbs.

Recessed Can Lighting: The Possibilities are Endless

Recessed can lighting is available in a variety of trims and styles. When you remodel recess can lighting, you can choose a different trim size or style. Trim styles include baffle trim, reflector trim, adjustable trim, lensed trim, wall washed trim, and decorative trim.

  • Baffle trim has large, uniform grooves that absorb excess light, reducing glare from the bulb.
  • Reflector trim has a smooth, highly polished interior that maximizes the amount of light from each bulb. This works well in kitchens, commercial facilities, and rooms with very high ceilings.
  • Adjustable trim lets a bulb “float” inside, allowing the user to position the bulb.
  • Lensed trim protects the bulb and housing from moisture.
  • Wall wash trim aim direct light toward the wall.
  • Decorative trims add extra visual interest to the housing.

Installing Recessed Lighting? Call Us Today

At The Electrical Pros, we help Canyon County homeowners install beautiful, durable recess can lights in their homes. Perfect for almost any application, recessed lighting provides a subtle, low profile way to bathe your home in ample light without taking up extra space. To find out more about installing or remodeling recessed can lighting, call us any time.

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