Four Facts about Pasadena Electrical Commercial Building Security and Safety

If you own or manage a commercial building in Pasadena, you must be aware of the Pasadena commercial electrician security and safety codes, rules, and regulations. The National Electrical Code is the electrical code followed in Pasadena. The code provides the standards to ensure the safe installation of new, or updating, electrical wiring. By properly following the established codes, you can protect those who work in your building and the public.

What do you need to know about Pasadena commercial electrician security and safety? There are four facts about the security and safety of commercial electrical buildings that you must know and follow to protect your assets and the public. Let’s explore those four facts.

Oversee Accurate Construction

When you are building new commercial construction, you must oversee the installation of the electrical equipment in your building. Whoever works on your building must follow the codes, rules, and regulations. You will experience fewer problems, if everything is done correctly during the initial construction phase. You should contact a certified Pasadena commercial electrician to ensure correct construction practices.

The same is true when updating commercial electrical wiring. Heightened safety concerns exist during the updating of a commercial building. Not only are you working with electrical wiring, in many instances, your current staff are working in the building. When staff are working during the renovation process, you must take extra care. It is important to keep staff safe from electrical mishaps, trips, and falls.

Schedule Regular Building Inspections

Once the construction or renovation of your commercial building is complete, you need to schedule regular inspections. While you can conduct routine inspections of the electrical equipment in your area, at least once per year, you should contact a certified Pasadena commercial electrician to conduct a thorough examination of your electrical safety. Through a regular inspection of your commercial building, you can identify any issues with overload, identify defective work, or find any areas of possible fire or electrical shock hazards.

Equipment and Appliance Inspections

In addition to scheduling regular building inspections, you need to also inspect your electrical equipment and appliances. Not only can your building provide a potential hazard to your employees, the equipment that your employees use can also pose a threat to their safety. Office equipment such as photocopiers, fax machines, fans, heaters, and even kitchen appliances can potentially be harmful to your employees. You must check the overall safety of these types of office equipment.


It is important to hire a professional and not a handyman that you found in the newspaper. Additionally, you must obtain certifications that prove that your construction or renovation followed electrical safety guidelines. Furthermore, if you have yearly inspections of your building, equipment, and appliances, you need to post those certifications as well.

Contact The Electrical Pros Now

If you need assistance with Pasadena commercial electrician security and safety practices, you should call a certified electrician to help guide you through the proper codes, rules, and regulations. There are times that you can get by without doing some electrical updates yourself if you are familiar with electrical installation. However, this is not the optimal solution when dealing with a commercial building. If you need an expert, contact an electrician at The Electric Pros today. To get started with a The Electric Pros, check us out online or call us at (844) 249-4733.