Five Tips for Your Home: Eagle Rock Electrician for Energy Savings

How energy efficient is your home? Do your energy bills soar during the coldest and warmest months of the year? If they do, you don’t have to resign yourself to large electrical bills. Instead, you need to review your electrical usage. By examining your electrical usage, you can discover ways to decrease your energy use and have a lower energy bill. How can you reduce your energy usage? Before you start worrying, you don’t have to be uncomfortable to achieve energy efficiency. Here are five tips from an Eagle Rock electrician for energy savings.

Professional Energy Audit

The first tip from an Eagle Rock electrician for energy savings is to have a professional energy audit conducted. By having a professional energy audit of your home, you can identify where you consume most of your energy. You can also determine areas of energy waste. An energy assessment conducted with diagnostic tests will give you the most information. With recommendations in hand, you can make appropriate updates to your home and save on energy costs.

Weatherize Your Home

The next tip to cut your energy consumption is through weatherizing your home. In addition to reducing energy use, you can also improve the comfort of your home. There are a couple of steps for weatherizing. Those steps include improving your sealing and increase insulation. For example, if there is air getting into and out of your home around your doors, you need to add weather-strips around your doorframes. By adding weather-stripping, you will keep your heating/cooling temperatures inside your home.

Adjustable Thermostat

You can significantly decrease your energy consumption by setting your thermostat at an optimal level. Furthermore, by keeping your equipment well maintained, you can alleviate breakdowns and inefficient usage. What is the optimal level? During the fall and winter, you should turn down your thermostat by 7-10 degrees for at least 8 hours per day and the opposite for spring and summer. This simple adjustment can save you 10% on your heating and cooling bills.

Air Ducts

The next tip from an Eagle Rock electrician for energy savings is to inspect your air ducts. What are you looking for during this inspection? You need to look for improperly sized air ducts, leaking air duct seals, or poorly insulated air ducts. When your air ducts have one of these problems, it saddles you with a high energy bill. If you suspect you have issues in this area, contact an Eagle Rock electrician to review your system.

Hot Water Heater

Finally, your water heater may be the reason behind your high energy bills. There are several ways you can reduce your electric bills by adjusting your water heater. Those adjustments include turning down the thermostat of your water heater, reducing your usage of hot water, adding insulation to your water heater and pipes, or installing a new, more energy efficient model.

Contact The Electrical Pros Now

If your electrical bills are too high, contact an Eagle Rock electrician for a home energy assessment. After your assessment, you will discover simple ways to save on energy consumption. Additionally, you can try these five tips from an Eagle Rock electrician for energy savings including weatherizing, adjusting your thermostat, evaluating the efficiency of your air ducts, and addressing any water heater issues. If you need an expert, contact an electrician at The Electrical Pros today. To get started with The Electric Pros, check us out online or call us at (844)-249-4733.