Los Angeles Electrician: What You Need to Know About Earthquakes and Electricity

You most likely know that you need a Los Angeles electrician when it comes to working with wires in your home. However, have you considered that you might you need one in the event of an earthquake? Los Angeles is prone to earthquakes due to its location, and residents must recognize the dangers a quake poses. The San Andreas Fault is approximately 500 miles away Los Angeles and the potential of a significant seismic shift is always on the horizon. Earthquakes generate substantial structural damage, but they also cause electrical wires to become loose or even disconnected. As a result, you need to know how to prepare and keep yourself safe, along with what to do aftward and when to contact an electrician.

Earthquake Preparation

It is essential to prepare ahead of time in order to remain safe during and after a quake. Earthquakes occur without warning. If you wait for one to happen before preparing, you will find yourself in more danger. First, always make sure you properly maintain and secure your electrical fixtures. This action helps to reduce the potential for damage from even the smallest earthquake. Additionally, tether your cabinets and other large furniture items to the walls. Many injuries that occur during an earthquake are due to falling objects.

Once items are secure, you need to think about your own safety. Where will you go in an earthquake? Identify the safest place in your home; this is where you will go if you begin to feel tremors. The most sheltered areas are those away from falling debris. One of the safer places in your home is under a large dining room table. Avoid doorways and going outside.

During an Earthquake

Once you’ve taken steps to prepare for an earthquake, you need to know what to do during an earthquake. To remain safe during an earthquake, follow these guidelines:

• Go to your safe place.
• Avoid falling debris.
• Don’t touch electrical items including lamps and light switches.

Your life is the most valuable thing you possess. Take all the necessary precautions to protect it.

After an Earthquake

Most people believe that the worst danger occurs during an earthquake. However, this is not always the case. Just because a quake is over, doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. Be aware and prepared for aftershocks that could cause additional damage. Take care of anyone that might be injured if they are safe to reach. When surveying the damage to your home, there are a few safety measures to consider. Because electrical wires often get compromised during an earthquake, you want to be extra careful before touching anything. Make sure you turn off all power sources at the electrical circuit breaker, but only if getting to the breaker is safe and free from downed lines, fires, or standing water. If any of those situations are present, remove yourself from the area.

Your next step should include calling a Los Angeles electrician on your cell phone to report any electrical issues. You want to report problems as soon as possible. These include no electricity and downed electrical lines. You also want to report if you see any smoldering wires or standing water near electrical lines. All of these issues are considered dangerous scenarios for anyone.

Once you’ve contacted your local electrician, it’s best to wait for them before moving any further. If you notice any fires, make sure the area is safe before trying to put them out. Avoid touching any light switches; clearly, they were once connected to electrical wires. You could be in for a shock if you try to turn them on. Caution is always your best choice, after an earthquake.

Outside Dangers After an Earthquake

Not all dangers from an earthquake occur inside. Of course, once you see that it’s safe to leave your home, you still need to be careful of the dangers outside. Once outside, remember to look before you touch. Electrical lines could be down and touching cars, trees, houses, or any other object. Exposed electrical lines are a leading cause of electrocution. Likewise, stay away from standing water that is near electrical lines. Waer is a conductor of electricity, and you could get electrocuted without touching a wire.

Be aware of your surroundings as electricity could be restored prior to all the lines being repaired and put you at risk of electrocution. Leave repairing damage and clearing debris until the area is safe. Only a Los Angeles electrician can ensure that the area is safe from potential electrocution.

Contact a Los Angeles Electrician for Help

If you have received damage from an earthquake, don’t stress about fixing electrical issues a Los Angeles electrician can help. Contact the Electric Pros of Los Angeles to fix or install new electrical lines to and within your home. If you want advice to guide you the process of repairing your electricity after a natural disaster, Electrical Pros of Los Angeles is an experienced industry leader. Call (844) 249-4733 today and start your repairs.