Five Signs Your Electrical Problem is Serious

When do you need an Eagle Rock electrician? There are times when an electrical problem is as simple as a light bulb not being properly screwed into the light base. By simply turning off the light to allow the bulb to cool before touching the bulb, you can easily solve your problem. However, there can always be a more serious problem lurking behind your walls. Working with electricity is dangerous, so in most instances, your safety should take precedence over your desire to do-it-yourself or ignore the problem.

Unfortunately, ignoring your problem can lead to serious consequences, such as electric shock, smoldering wires, or a house fire. Although serious electrical problems might be more likely to happen in an older home, a new home is not exempt from a dangerous situation. Thankfully, there are a few warning signs that present before you get to the point of smoldering wires or a burning building. We will take a few moments and discuss some of the most important signs that your electrical problem is serious. When these situations occur, you should call an Eagle Rock electrician for diagnosis and repair.


It is not unusual when plugging in an electrical cord into an outlet to see a small spark. However, the spark should be small and only last for a second. If you see a large spark or hear a popping sound, you may have a loose wire. It is time to call an expert to diagnose your issue. Working with electrical wires inside an outlet can be dangerous.

Electrical Shock

When you walk across the carpet, it is not uncommon to experience an electric shock. Especially during the winter or when you touch a metal object. However, if you feel a shock when touching an appliance, you might have improper electrical wiring in your outlet. In addition, if you feel any other type of electric shock, you need to call in an expert.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

If you are experiencing dimming or flickering lights, it could be a sign of a circuit overload. Pay attention to when this is occurring. Do your lights dim when your furnace kicks on? When was the last time you cleaned your furnace filter? A simple fix for a few dollars; the furnace filter might do the trick. However, if this does not resolve your issue, you need assistance in diagnosis and fixing your electrical problem.

Circuit Breaker Problems

When any of your circuit breakers “trip”, it can be a sign of a serious electrical issue. If it only happens once and you can re-set the circuit breaker and have no future issues, you might have experienced an unexpected surge of power. However, your breaker keeps tripping or the main breaker trips, you need to call in an Eagle Rock electrician. There is likely a wire loose and causing an arc in your panel, switches, or outlet.

Burning Smell

If you smell burning within your main breaker box, outlets, switches, light bases, or walls, you need to immediately call for assistance. To be safe, first, call your local fire department to ensure the smoldering or burning smell does not turn into flames. Once you are safe, call for assistance and then contact an Eagle Rock electrician to help fix the problem.

Contact The Electrical Pros Now

Ignoring a serious electrical problem could lead to a fire. Before you attempt to do-it-yourself, contact an expert. An experienced electrician can guide you through the process of diagnosing the reason behind your electrical problem and help you fix your problem. To speak to an electrician, contact The Electric Pros today. We are an experienced industry leader. To get started with The Electric Pros, check us out online or call us at (844) 249-4733.