The Best and Brightest Parking Lot Lighting Solutions


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Image by harutmovsisyan –

How safe is your parking lot? What does its appearance and illumination tell potential customers? Do people feel comfortable coming and going from your storefront? Parking lot maintenance goes well beyond filling potholes and the occasional repaving. Evening is one of the most popular times for shoppers, and the illumination of your parking lot will tell customers about the quality of your business before they even step inside. Even if your business is doing well, a few tips and tricks for your parking lot lighting can improve customer traffic.

Parking Lot Layout

Are your lamps arranged to provide the best illumination? It may seem like a simple thing, but moving or adding one or two lamps makes a major difference in visibility and safety for your parking lot. When you’re examining your parking lot, ask yourself: is everything important illuminated?

A common problem with regular parking lot lighting designs is that they only provide minimal lighting for customers returning to their vehicles. Remember to view your store through the eyes of approaching customers, too. Light makes stores more welcoming, especially in the dark winter season, and the right light in the right place can increase traffic. The wrong lighting layout, however, can discourage customers. For example, regular layouts often leave the store’s entrance poorly lit, if it’s lit from the outside at all. Adding two or more lights near the front of the store draws the eye and makes your store look friendlier.

It’s just as important to make sure there is sufficient lighting along primary paths into your business. While people can park anywhere in the lot, most stores have at least some pedestrian traffic. By adding a few extra lights to brighten pedestrian routes, you’ll encourage more local customers and make their path to your business safer. If you aren’t sure which areas of your parking lot would most benefit from new lamps, check with a local electrician in Los Angeles.

Parking Lot Lamp Replacement

The simplest way to improve your parking lot is to invest in parking lot lamp replacement. Tough as these lamps are, eventually they will show their age. Since they are the first hardware your customers see, they play a role in how customers perceive your business. Rusty, deteriorating lamps create the impression that your business has low maintenance standards. If you wait long enough, these lamps can even become safety hazards.

Parking lot lamp replacement may not seem like a valuable investment, but it’s crucial for your business’s image and safety. If you choose advanced solar options, you’ll eventually earn back your initial investment in energy savings. Talk to an electrician in Los Angeles to determine the best replacement options for your business.

Whether you plan to replace your lights or augment your existing lighting design, always talk with a specialist. They can help you get the most for your money in any scenario. The best parking lot solutions, after all, are personalized. Encourage more customers with better illumination, and make sure your business puts its best foot forward, even before your customers park.