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Why You Need an Energy Audit For Your Business

Between snowstorms in the spring and heatwaves well into autumn, you’ve probably spent a lot of time adjusting your thermostat. You may have even considered getting an energy audit for your home, but have you considered an energy audit for your business? During an energy audit, a professional electrician assesses your home or ... More

Five Tips for Your Home: Eagle Rock Electrician for Energy Savings

How energy efficient is your home? Do your energy bills soar during the coldest and warmest months of the year? If they do, you don’t have to resign yourself to large electrical bills. Instead, you need to review your electrical usage. By examining your electrical usage, you can discover ways to decrease your energy use and ... More

Four Facts about Pasadena Electrical Commercial Building Security and Safety

If you own or manage a commercial building in Pasadena, you must be aware of the Pasadena commercial electrician security and safety codes, rules, and regulations. The National Electrical Code is the electrical code followed in Pasadena. The code provides the standards to ensure the safe installation of new, or updating, ... More

Are You Using the Wrong Circuit Breaker?

Unfortunately, your circuit breakers are not interchangeable. If you frequently go to switch on a light or plug in an appliance and nothing happens, you may be using the wrong circuit breaker amperage. Yes, you can push the reset button on your current circuit breaker and continue about your business. Unlucky, it will happen ... More

When Should You Upgrade Your Older Home to GFCI Outlets

New homes built today must have GFCI outlets in order to pass inspections. So, what does this mean for older homes? If you own an older house without these outlets, then it may be time for an upgrade. If you aren't even sure what a GFCI out is or if your home has them, there a few things that can help. First, let’s make ... More

Six Frequent Household Electrical Problems

Owning a home comes with lots of responsibilities. One of the most important is ensuring that your electrical system is working correctly. Doing so assures that you keep your family safe. Working with electricity is dangerous, so take extra care when addressing any electrical issues within your home. Many electrical matters ... More

What Should You Do When a Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Do you need an electrician if your circuit breaker is tripping? Most people have experienced a tripped circuit breaker at one time or another. But, when should you call an electrician? First, let’s review some reasons that your circuit breaker keeps tripping. Reasons Circuit Breaker is Tripping A circuit breaker trips or ... More

Six Safety Tips for Christmas Lights

Tis the season for excessive light bills. Americans across the United States have decked the halls with strings of blinking lights, flimsy glass decorations, and electric fireplaces. Even worse is the added traditions in some families of candles and wood-burning fireplaces, but we won’t go there in today’s post. Unfortuna... More

Five Signs Your Electrical Problem is Serious

When do you need an Eagle Rock electrician? There are times when an electrical problem is as simple as a light bulb not being properly screwed into the light base. By simply turning off the light to allow the bulb to cool before touching the bulb, you can easily solve your problem. However, there can always be a more serious ... More

Common Electrical Problems in Older Buildings

What are the common electrical problems in older buildings? There are numerous issues that you can experience when purchasing an older home or building. The beauty of older architecture or the historical value of an older home or building is appealing to many. However, the older the building the more likely it is that you will ... More