Are Your Outlets Safe?

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Image by Maklay62 –

Have you given your outlets a checkup recently? Even minor damage to an outlet puts you and your family at risk. Since outlets are the main points of direct interaction between you and your electrical system, you need to give them special attention. They may also be the first parts of your home to show you it’s time for rewiring. House rewiring can be an expensive update, and homeowners usually put it off for as long as they can. Unlike most other home repairs, however, ignoring wiring problems can have sudden, life-threatening consequences.

Hazardous Outlets

One of the greatest dangers of indoor outlets is a cracked face. Without the plastic cover shielding the contact points within the outlet itself, you could accidentally come into contact with the live wires that supply power. If you’re lucky, you’ll only get a shock. If you aren’t so lucky, you may never the chance to even consider house rewiring.

Cracked or missing covers also present serious risks. It may seem like only a cosmetic issue, but a cracked cover can allow the outlet’s parts to move. They may not move much, but it’s easy for an outlet that gets a lot of use to develop loose wires if a sturdy cover isn’t holding it steady. Simply replacing cracked covers is a good step, but if an outlet has had a cracked cover, or no cover at all, for a significant period of time, the damage is probably already done.

Signs It’s Time for House Rewiring

Apart from the visual signs of damage listed above, your house may be giving you hints that it’s time to rewire. If you live in an older house, you should hire an electrician in Pasadena to evaluate your home at the very least. Electrical standards update frequently to keep pace with the new demands and dangers of modern appliances. It’s possible to live in an older home that isn’t up to code and never know the danger until the worst happens. Fortunately, there are plenty of warning signs.

Your lights are the most likely fixtures in your home to grab your attention when your electrical system is in trouble. Watch for flickering lights. Tripped breakers are another symptom of bad wiring. Both signs testify to a strained system that cannot keep up with your energy demands. Watch for sockets that need frequent bulb replacement. Blown out bulbs show that the socket can’t handle the bulb’s energy use.

Again, pay attention to your outlets. Do they get warm? Can you see discoloring or scorch marks around them metal elements or wiring? If your outlets aren’t grounded, it’s a sign that your entire home’s electrical system is outdated. Have an electrician from Pasadena check your outlets, especially when buying a home, because many homeowners adjust outlets to accept all three prongs on modern appliances without actually changing the outlets. This is a major risk to your home and your electronics.

Your outlets play a direct role in your daily life. Giving them the care and respect they deserve can prevent trips to the hospital and visits from the fire department. Since outlets appear in essentially every room, they show the health of your home’s electrical system almost as well as lights. Your outlet safety reflects your home’s integrity.