About Us

The Electrical Pros strives to be the number one company in the electrical and lighting industry. We provide top of the line services with focus on the highest quality, service, and commitment.

Our company’s members, from the day it was established, up to this moment continuously earn the approval and satisfaction of all our valued customers. We began building our reputation by giving the best electrical works to every establishment, entity and person which needed our expertise. Due to our unending commitment to the public, we increasingly developed further innovations to meet the standards that each client deserves.

For almost nineteen years now, we have continued to adopt the most advanced methods and strategies demanded in the electrical services. We have been unwavering with our mission to deliver quality and excellence to every customer we serve. Unlike other groups that offer similar services, we did not achieve our present success through alluring advertisements which are typically a marketing strategy of others but through excellence to our customers.


Our quality and excellent service defines who we are which consumers from all walks of life have been patronizing over and over again. We have grown and gained popularity not because of any forms of sugar-coated ads but by means of testimonies and referrals of our fulfilled clients. We value the expenses of our customers since then until now, we make sure that each of them gets the maximum services that an electrical service provider can give.

Over the years, our company has further come up with new innovations in the electrical service field to meet the most stringent demands of the customer. We are confident to proclaim that our group has mastered all the necessary procedures in the business. Our own services have been considered as only ones to exceed its own expectations. Our experts and professionals work in accordance with the excellence that everyone demands, this proves why we are still growing even through these tuff economically times.

Our Vision…

To provide the highest quality electrical solutions and exceed our customer’s expectation of prompt and reliable service – every time.

Our Mission…

We are committed to delivering the greatest customer service experience possible. Highly skilled and motivated to help you, we will integrate our passion with our expertise to provide the perfect outcome: happy customers and reliable service.