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What You Need to Know about Wiring for Solar Energy

Despite its infamous smog problem, L.A. is known for progressive energy practices, especially in the home. The sunny weather makes popular clean energy options like solar panels even more appealing. You can find an electrician in Los Angeles for solar panel installation pretty easily. However, you need to make sure you and ... More

The Best and Brightest Parking Lot Lighting Solutions

  How safe is your parking lot? What does its appearance and illumination tell potential customers? Do people feel comfortable coming and going from your storefront? Parking lot maintenance goes well beyond filling potholes and the occasional repaving. Evening is one of the most popular times for shoppers, and the ... More

What Should You Do When a Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?

Do you need an electrician for a circuit breaker that keeps tripping? Most people have experienced a tripped circuit breaker at one time or another. The question is, when should you call an electrician? First, let’s review some reasons that your circuit breaker keeps tripping. A circuit breaker trips or shuts off to save ... More

Are Your Outlets Safe?

Have you given your outlets a checkup recently? Even minor damage to an outlet puts you and your family at risk. Since outlets are the main points of direct interaction between you and your electrical system, you need to give them special attention. They may also be the first parts of your home to show you it’s time for ... More