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Parking Lot Lamp Replacement Provides Safety and Savings

Parking lot lamp replacement is a crucial element in maintaining both safety and professionalism. Flickering or broken lights create a substandard image of your company, and since lights draw the eye, these are often the first parts of your business potential customers notice. Good, strong light sends a clear message, just ... More

Does Your New House Need New Wiring

If you are planning to build a new house, are in the process of building, or have a recently finished home, you need to take a moment to consider your wiring. Electrical fires are all too common, and a simple construction accident can destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to build. It’s important to choose the right ... More

Panel Upgrade: Three Reasons to Update Your Panel

As it ages, your wiring develops defects. Because of this, prospective homeowners invest in inspections before buying a house. Old wiring causes some of the greatest fire hazards in any house, and the same is true of old panels. Since you interact with your panel more than any other part of your home’s electrical system, ... More