Upgrade Main Panel from Zinsco in Sylmar

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images - https://pixabay.com/en/users/Clker-Free-Vector-Images-3736/

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images – https://pixabay.com/en/users/Clker-Free-Vector-Images-3736/

Back in the day, Zinsco branded circuit breakers were among the most popular in the USA. They were thought of as being among the best in the industry. Today, that has been proven wrong. Over the years, reports have been pouring in about the dangers of having Zinsco panels in homes. If your home in Sylmar has an older design, it may still have a Zinsco main panel. If this is the case, you need to upgrade your main panel now before it is too late.


What are the Dangers?


The whole purpose of a circuit breaker is the “trip”. This is the tendency of a circuit breaker to switch off when a current overload is detected in the system. Many Zinsco panels fail to do this, especially now that they are so old. When a breaker doesn’t trip, there is a huge risk of occupants in the house getting severe electrical shocks. Since the flowing current isn’t cut off, all electrical appliances in the house become shock hazards. What’s worse is that when an overload flows through a Zinsco breaker without stopping, the entire panel overheats. This leads to a fire hazard as well. A 200amp main panel upgrade might be the best way to prevent either of these situations.


Parts of Zinsco Panels Contain Aluminum


Aluminum became an attractive home wiring option in the 60s. Many Zinsco panels use aluminum wiring at the connecting terminals. Aluminum is a bad option because it is a soft metal. Copper wiring forms copper oxide on the metal part of the wire, which is a good conductor and doesn’t adhere tightly. Aluminum forms aluminum oxide, which is a terrible conductor. This means electricity won’t flow in a stable manner. This oxide, bonds to the metal tightly, preventing it from expanding. When a wire has a current through it, heat is generated. More heat leads to expanding wires. When the aluminum wire doesn’t expand, it leads to overheating because of the lack of surface area for heat dissipation.


Zinsco Breakers Can be Defective


This is a very scary aspect of Zinsco breakers that should make you upgrade main panel immediately. Circuit breakers on these panels fail on a regular basis. They often completely ignore an overload and don’t shut off. This of course is very dangerous. When the current overloads and the breaker shuts off, there are instances where the flow of current continues. This is due to bad breaker design or because of melted and fused parts within the panel. If the current continues to flow while the breaker is in the off position, you’re at risk of getting electrocuted; especially, without a backup plan.

Because of the reports of failures to disrupt the flow of current, most Zinsco breakers in Sylmar have been outlawed. They are in direct violation of the terms of the NEC (National Electrical Code). Since the breakers fail so often, the risk of fire and injury is increased by a huge amount. If you haven’t considered a 200 amp main panel upgrade yet, it is high time you did so. Moreover, if you’re a resident of the San Fernando Valley, you are required by the government to upgrade.


Replace Your Main Panel Now


If you have a Zinsco brand main panel, get rid of it. It isn’t worth the risk of fire, shock, or defective breakers. It is definitely not worth a fine from a city inspector. While these panels may have been incredibly efficient 50 years ago, they definitely aren’t today. The lifetime of these panels was 30 years. You’re 20 years behind schedule for a replacement. Hire a licensed electrician in the Sylmar region today to get your Zinsco panels replaced!

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