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Are You Using the Wrong Circuit Breaker?

Unfortunately, your circuit breakers are not interchangeable. If you frequently go to switch on a light or plug in an appliance and nothing happens, you may be using the wrong circuit breaker amperage. Yes, you can push the reset button on your current circuit breaker and continue about your business. Unlucky, it will happen ... More

Six Frequent Household Electrical Problems

Owning a home comes with lots of responsibilities. One of the most important is ensuring that your electrical system is working correctly. Doing so assures that you keep your family safe. Working with electricity is dangerous, so take extra care when addressing any electrical issues within your home. Many electrical matters ... More

Diagnosing Electrical Problems With a Pasadena Electrician

Electricity, one of the greatest discoveries of all time. We depend on it for almost everything these days making it a necessity for everyday life. However, when electrical devices, ports, and cords malfunction, they pose a dangerous threat to you and your house. At the Electrical Pros, we want to ensure that your house and ... More