Parking Lot Lamp Replacement Provides Safety and Savings

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Parking lot lamp replacement is a crucial element in maintaining both safety and professionalism. Flickering or broken lights create a substandard image of your company, and since lights draw the eye, these are often the first parts of your business potential customers notice. Good, strong light sends a clear message, just as weak and blinking lights do. Customers refer to decrepit and possibly dangerous locations as “shady” for a reason. This outdoor investment may yield more than just increased customer traffic, however. Replacing the lamps in your parking lot could actually help your business’s finances.

Parking Lot Lamp Replacement for Safety

Parking lot lamp replacement increases safety for your employees. A staggering number of employee accidents happen in parking lots. Even if you have not assigned tasks for employees in the parking lot, such as gathering carts, employees must still park and cross the lot themselves. Since the areas closest to the main door are usually reserved for customers, your employees usually have to walk significantly farther, often from the dark corners of the lot. If your employees come in before it’s light, then sooner or later, one of them will have an accident in your parking lot. Whether they trip and turn an ankle, or break a bone, you may end up being liable. This makes you responsible for covering the employee’s pay while they’re incapacitated. Furthermore, you’ll almost certainly pay for any resulting medical bills.

Leaving dark corners and poorly lit sections in your parking lot may result in customer injury, as well. All it takes is one ambitious ambulance chaser to turn a simple apology and fair recompense into a legal nightmare. It’s much cheaper to contact an electrician in Los Angeles today rather than paying for lawyers tomorrow.

Parking Lot Lamp Replacement for Savings

How much do you pay for the electricity powering your parking lot lights? You’re probably paying too much. With the right technology, you could pay nothing. Solar energy is free, and it creates a progressive image that will encourage shoppers from the moment they park. The initial price of solar powered parking lot lamps may slightly exceed their traditional competition, but they begin returning on that investment immediately. If you aren’t ready to go solar, there are still many energy efficient options on the market. Saving on energy bills is one of the best ways to cut back on overhead. It provides a regular savings boost rather than a single payout.

Providing good visibility is the best way to avoid costly parking lot accidents. Whether it’s an employee who trips in the back lot, or a customer who gets disoriented by a flickering light, parking lot incidents can have expensive consequences. Hiring a qualified electrician in Los Angeles is cheaper than a qualified lawyer. By investing in parking lot lamp replacement now, you not only limit the chances of an accident, you cut back on overhead with energy savings. This long term overhead reduction is its own reward. Keep in mind, however, a brightly lit parking lot will always attract more customers, too.