Hidden Old Wiring Dangers (Knob and Tube) In San Fernando Valley


Image by olafpictures - https://pixabay.com/en/users/olafpictures-2427999/

Image by olafpictures – https://pixabay.com/en/users/olafpictures-2427999/

The San Fernando Valley has many old homes, and old wiring dangers are rife in them. If you live in a house built and wired before 1930, you might find knob and tube wiring in it. This type of wiring was the standard in the USA before modern methods came into popular usage. Knob and tube wiring is characterized as insulated wires running through ceramic tubes in the floors and walls, supported by knobs. If you haven’t considered rewiring your home yet, it is high time you did. While they weren’t dangerous when they were introduced, there are some dangers they could pose. Here are some of the old wiring dangers in the San Fernando Valley.


This Wiring Has No Ground Wire


Older electrical installation standards didn’t use the 3-phase system used in home wiring today. When installing new circuits, electricians use a wire with three strands – live, neutral, and ground. The ground wire protects the system from overloading and overheating in certain situations. Knob and tube wiring doesn’t have this – only the live and neutral wires are present. The lack of a ground wire means that electrical shocks are quite common in homes with this form of wiring.


The Insulating Material is Outdated


When this wiring was first introduced, the insulation used to prevent exposure of the copper wires to the world was a fabric sheath. Later, this was updated to rubber. Rubber is a fine material to insulate electricity, but it tends to deteriorate with time. Since these homes have now been around for over 50 years, it is safe to assume that the rubber insulation on these wires has degraded completely in some places. This exposes them to the elements, increasing the risk of fires, shocks, and even fatal accidents.


Unsafe Modifications May Exist


In the San Fernando Valley, many electricians exist. While you’re bound to find some true professionals in the field, there are also those who cut corners when rewiring home circuits or installing new circuits. This means that it is possible that an electrician has added some modifications to the knob and tube wiring in your home in the past. These modifications might not be up to specification, simply being added to the existing circuits. These old circuits weren’t designed to work with high loads. These high voltages can overload the system and lead to shorts, power outages, small fires, and worse.


Insurance Rates Go Up Due to Old Wiring Dangers


As far as hidden dangers go, this is the one that is concealed the best. Knob and tube wiring in the San Fernando Valley is a known safety hazard by insurance companies in the area. If you have a home that uses this type of wiring, you’re probably going to see higher insurance rates than your neighbors with modern wiring. The problem is you won’t be informed that this is the cause of your higher insurance rates. Don’t let this jeopardize your budget and finances!

Replacing your home’s wiring is the only way to solve potential hazards to your safety and that of your family. There are many great electricians in the Valley area who are very experienced with rewiring home circuits. At times, it may not be enough to just rewire, and you may have to pay to install new circuits instead. The benefits of doing so far outweigh the cost, though. You get to reduce insurance rates and get rid of unsafe modifications to your circuitry. Moreover, you also prevent the risk of an electrical fire or electrical shock. Take a step towards safer San Fernando living today!

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