Common Electrical Problems in Older Buildings

What are the common electrical problems in older buildings? There are numerous issues that you can experience when purchasing an older home or building. The beauty of older architecture or the historical value of an older home or building is appealing to many. However, the older the building the more likely it is that you will encounter ... More

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When Should You Call an Electrician over a Blown Light Bulb

One minute you’re in your kitchen cooking dinner and the next your standing in darkness. The bulb in your overhead light popped and blew out leaving you unable to see your boiling pasta. There are two options to solve your problem. Your first option is to retrieve one of your existing stock of light bulbs, replace the blown one, and hope it ... More

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Focus on Lighting to Transform Your Space

Transforming a space in your home can make it feel like it's brand new. You might think new carpet, new flooring, updated furniture, or new appliances are the only way to go. However, if you focus on adding light to your room, you can transform the space without going broke. If you live near Eagle Rock, contact an electrician for your ... More

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When Should You Opt to Replace Instead of Fix an Outdoor Light

All lights eventually burn out, and this is even true of outdoor lighting. Perhaps you recently noticed an outdoor light that needed some work. You most likely want to know if you should replace it or fix it. There are many factors to consider when deciding which option is the best one for your situation. In both instances, you can contact an ... More

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Los Angeles Electrician: What You Need to Know About Earthquakes and Electricity

You most likely know that you need a Los Angeles electrician when it comes to working with wires in your home. However, have you considered that you might you need one in the event of an earthquake? Los Angeles is prone to earthquakes due to its location, and residents must recognize the dangers a quake poses. The San Andreas Fault is ... More

Electrical Troubleshooting to Help Your Local Electrician

If you run into electrical issues, calling your local electrician is your first step. A Los Angeles electrician will come to your home to nail down the exact cause of the problem. You can save yourself and the experts a lot of time by following these basic electrical troubleshooting tips and processes first. Then you can bring in the ... More

Kitchen Rewire Tips by an Electrician

Rewiring your kitchen is a great way to bring your home into this century. Maybe you don’t have enough power for all your gadgets. Maybe you’re doing the whole house in stages. Either way, these tips can save you heartache, a headache, and an emergency call to a Burbank electrician. 1. Leave Dangerous Work to the Pros If an old home ... More

Keeping Your Commercial Light Repair Cost Down by Pasadena Electrician

Commercial lights do a great job keeping things bright, but having one go out can cause a dark mood along with a dark day. Keeping commercial light repair costs down is a long-term battle made of equal parts maintenance, professional services, and local repairmen. Start today to start saving money on your repair costs tomorrow. Invest in ... More

Avoid Breaker Panel Repair in the Summer With a Sylmar Electrician

Summer is taxing. It grinds down your patience, makes you uncomfortable all the time, and can play havoc with your breaker panel. Summer means stress on your electronics, and a chance of overloading your breaker panel. Trip it too many times and you could be looking at a costly repair. Follow these simple tips to help avoid a breaker ... More

Install Custom Outdoor Lighting Before Your Next Summer Party

Throwing parties can be a ton of fun. Especially, during the summer when it’s super nice out. But what happens when the sun goes down? Installing your own custom outdoor lighting is the best way to make sure your party keeps raging all night long. Today we go over some reasons to add custom outdoor lighting. Illuminate the Best ... More